Extremely abrasive resistant with incredible tear strength but still lightweight and durable.

Tufflon is a heavy duty fabric that is extremely abrasive resistant, has incredible tear strength, is lightweight and very durable. Tufflon garments are lined with a lining that is 100% waterproof, lightweight and flexible making the garment comfortable to wear.

I've been using a pair of these for a week and they are fantastic! I work in a filthy and wet environment. I use high pressure hot water to wash down and clean up my area of responsibiliity as well as a water blaster with hot water. I can get covered with blow back and overspray of food particles and another part of the role is to deal with processed fat residue in 200-500kg quantities which slop and splash unpredictably. This one bit of kit has made the job real easy as I stay dry (and warm) as I start at 4am so get to work in extremes of temperatures as well. Thank you for developing such a great product.

David Harvey, wearing 103THD Tufflon Bib Overtrousers