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Stormforce Lady of the Lady Overtrousers

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Stormforce Lady of the Land Overtrousers

On days when it’s coming down cats and dogs, you need women’s waterproof overtrousers that you can truly trust. The alternative – overtrou you can’t trust – is too uncomfortable to consider. Wet legs, wet backside, soggy feet. And if the temperatures are low, frozen legs, frozen butt and frozen feet. Potentially, old-fashioned oilskin overtrousers could be life threatening. 

Designed to complement a Stormforce Lady of the Land jacket or parka, our farmers’ overtrousers for women are at their best during the worst weather. Whether you’re a farmer, vet, orchardist or high-flying outdoor executive, having the full kit of Kaiwaka Clothing wet gear – jacket and overtrousers – means you can concentrate on the job in hand, rather than the water filling your gumboots.

Waterproof trousers for women with Twin-Skin technology

Like all our Stormforce wet gear for women, these overtrousers feature Twin-Skin technology. This means an outer layer of 100% waterproof ripstop fabric with sealed seams and an inner liner of breathable waterproof material with welded seams. We seal and weld all seams on our women’s waterproof pants, because it’s the only way to keep H2O out.

What’s more, our women’s waterproof pants are domed at the ankles, so you can put them over the top of your gumboots to eliminate the risk of muddy puddle splashback.  

The best women’s overtrou downunder

The design team at Kaiwaka Clothing have come up with wet weather garment solutions that demonstrate Kiwi garment ingenuity at its finest. For example, these pants have a cut-away on the back part of the trouser hem that stops it from getting under your heel inside your gumboots. They also feature a crutch insert that allows maximum movement with no uncomfortable seams. And to make sure our women’s waterproof overtrou stay up when it’s bucketing down, the webbed-elastic waistband has a non-slip step-lock fastener.

An unbeatable list of waterproof trouser features:

  • Unique Twin-Skin technology
  • All seams are high frequency welded
  • Lining is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • Ripstop fabric for durability and long life
  • Elastic/webbed waistband with non-slip step-lock fastener
  • Two lined hip pockets
  • Pockets reinforced in each corner for extra strength
  • Insert sewn into the crutch for maximum movement and extra reinforcement
  • Domed at ankles for secure closure over gum boots
  • Cut away heel prevents trouser leg from getting caught under the heel of your boots