Stormforce Parka | Kaiwaka Clothing
Stormforce Parka | Kaiwaka Clothing
Stormforce Parka | Kaiwaka Clothing
Stormforce Parka | Kaiwaka Clothing

Stormforce Parka

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Men’s Kaiwaka Stormforce Parka

Work efficiently in the worst possible weather with our wind-resistant and waterproof Stormforce Parka, an essential item for any outdoor worker’s wet weather gear wardrobe.

If you’re a farmer, your Kaiwaka jacket will prove to be as faithful as your best canine companion. If you’re in another profession that requires a lot of time outside in less-than-perfect conditions, this jacket’s like taking the good weather with you wherever you go.

Wet weather gear that keeps you dry

Why does Stormforce perform so well in the wettest and windiest conditions? The answer lies in our unique Twin-Skin technology. There’s not just one layer of waterproof rip-stop fabric between you and the elements, there’s two. And inside, all seams are high-frequency welded to ensure the jacket is 100% waterproof and windproof. However the fabric's still breathable, so you won’t feel like you’re working inside a sauna!

The latest in advanced waterproof clothing

To keep you dry from the neck up, we’ve designed this jacket with a full-face storm-proof collar and hood, which can be tightened with a drawstring and toggle when the going gets particularly nasty. And to top it all off, the improved peak design keeps your face out of the downpour in a way that preserves peripheral vision. Nice! 

The designers at Kaiwaka Clothing have also paid a lot of attention to the closures for this men’s outdoor jacket. In addition to the heavy-duty two-way zipper, there’s a double storm flap over the zip with brass metal dome fasteners.

Compared to the old standard of oilskin clothing, which we all know has its drawbacks, Kaiwaka Stormforce is consistently outstanding in the field - even when it’s coming down in buckets. 

Keeping your warm and dry is our top priority, but it’s followed closely by giving you the extra features you need in a state-of-art outdoor jacket. For example, there’s an internal chest zip pocket that’s just perfect for your mobile phone. We’ve also included two large waterproof storage pockets that can hold everything from your wire strainers and a set of screwdrivers to your lunch.

An unbeatable list of outdoor clothing features

  • Unique Twin-Skin technology
  • All seams are high frequency welded, making the inner liner 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable
  • Ripstop fabric for durability and long life
  • Unique full-face storm proof collar and hood with drawstring and toggle adjustment
  • Improved peak design that supports excellent peripheral vision
  • Heavy-duty two-way zipper – have the top-down or bottom-up, depending on conditions
  • Double storm flap over zip with brass metal dome fasteners
  • One internal chest zip pocket for your phone and wallet
  • Comfortable and waterproof internal wrist cuffs in sleeves
  • Two large waterproof storage pockets

All Stormforce products sold in New Zealand & Australia are made in New Zealand ( Excluded vests)