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Stormforce Sleeveless Vest

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Men’s Kaiwaka Stormforce Sleeveless Vest

This outdoor sleeveless vest for men is all about core warmth, which is a top priority when you’re working in cold conditions.

When your core (torso) is warm, it’s happy to provide blood to your extremities, i.e. your hands, feet and nose. When your core is cold, it keeps blood for the really important bits of your body, like your heart and brain. So the very best solution for cold hands and feet is to keep your core warm, which is why you really need our Stormforce sleeveless vest.

Farmers’ clothing that’s designed in New Zealand for local conditions

New Zealand’s climate is a torture-test for wet weather gear. When a soggy northerly storm arrives from the tropics, the rain comes down in bigger-than-average buckets. Rainfall greater than 100 mm in 24 hours is pretty common in Godzone. That’s why this sleeveless outdoor vest for men is constructed with an outer layer of 100% waterproof ripstop fabric.

The other major weather challenge that our sleeveless vest helps with is the famous ‘polar blast’ from the south. How do we do this? By making the inner lining from an advanced Sherpa fleece fabric. When temperatures plummet, just zip up your vest and let our amazing garment construction do its work.

Sleeveless vest design that makes it easy to get stuff done

Customer feedback tells us that farmers love sleeveless vests because their arms can move easily when a spot of heavy-lifting, animal wrangling or fencing duty is called for. Additionally, the sleeveless design helps to prevent overheating when you’re really going for it.

Our designers also picked up the need for multiple pockets, so this farmer’s sleeveless vest has four zip pockets for small-but-essential items and four multipurpose waist pockets. Another incredibly useful feature is the high collar that fits under a helmet, helping to protect your face from wintery blasts. You don’t get that with your average oilskin vest.

An unbeatable list of outdoor clothing features


  • Outer layer of 100% waterproof ripstop fabric for durability and long life
  • Inner Sherpa fleece lining that’s warm and breathable
  • Heavy duty two-way zipper – have the top down or bottom up, depending on conditions
  • High collar that fits under a helmet and protects the face against the elements
  • Four top pockets with zip closure for phones, wallets etc
  • Four multi-purpose waist pockets
  • Reflector tape for extra visibility and safety
  • Longer at the back for extra warmth and rear-end weather protection