Kaiwaka has developed the ultimate fabric for commercial fishing, through 40 years experience in this industry.

AQUAFORCE is our latest and most rigorously tested innovation in high-performance commercial fishing gear. Tough, durable, abrasive resistant, comfortable, easy-cleaning and 100% waterproof, so you can embrace the elements.

This entire project was put together to keep people in the fishing industry warmer, dryer and more comfortable for longer, ultimately empowering people in the fishing industry to be more productive, positive and profitable in their job.

Designed and made in NZ with Kaiwaka's knowledge of functional requirements and premium manufacturing process.

"We've trialled the AQUAFORCE for 18 months and it's comfortable and robust. We haven't ripped any gear and our pants are in solid condition. We climb on and off tractors and the boats, and some gear gets ripped easily. But this gear has lasted. I've had the bibs for 18 months." - Richard Kibblewhite, Splashzone NZ

"We highly recommend it! and we don't sweat in it" - Tim Griffith