Corestock Campaign

Corestock Winter Campaign
We are excited to offer an opportunity to you, our valued customer, which we have never done before. For the first time, we are in a position of stock abundance. This allows you an opportunity for better sell-through and a better return on investment this winter. 
To show our commitment and support to you, we want you to be in the ultimate position for sell-through, so we’ve decided to pursue a pretty daring campaign. The CORESTOCK campaign!
Did you know that 70% of all sales are made with only 4 sizes in the Stormforce and Sealtex ranges?
Those are M, L, XL, and XXL. We have worked tirelessly to get Kaiwaka into a position where we can instill confidence in our customers, with stocks beyond the expected demands of winter.
Given the unpredictable seasonal nature of the wet weather clothing industry, and that replenishment of key sizes could be a few days apart, we see these few days as critical lost opportunities for you to maximise your retail sales with Kaiwaka.
With this in mind we propose that you purchase three times your current stock holdings or recent winter purchase with Kaiwaka – across the mentioned styles* – and to make it easy for you, we will extend a no question asked return policy.
 *Sealtex is only available to Farm Source stores in NZ.
We all know that having the stock where the foot traffic is, is much better than sitting in our warehouse, that’s why we feel comfortable in giving you this promise. Not to mention that sales are up 30+% in these categories through NZ this year, and Kaiwaka has a pretty strong reputation in the market, so we also feel confident in the increase of your sales, as opposed to returns.
Most of all it aligns with who we are. Kaiwaka’s purpose is to provide opportunities for people to live better lives, and we feel this sits nicely with caring for our partners and our consumers.
The campaign is valid from 1st June until 31st July 2023. The return process will be rolled out at the end of August.
If you would like to sign up for the Corestock Campaign, please get in touch with your Key Account Manager below. 
Zoe Woodward - North Island, New Zealand
Ph: +64 210 2750 800
Monty Stewart - South Island, New Zealand
Ph: +64 21 915 219
Heike Duivestein - Australia
Ph: +61 422 531 947
Tyron Barker - Australia New Business
Ph: +64 21 706 035
We look forward to working with you!