short gaiters
short gaiters
short gaiters

Short Gaiters

$55.00 NZD



If you’ve ever had a stone in your boot, or grass seed stuck in your sock, you know how annoying it can be. Initially you might try to ignore it, but sooner or later you have to stop what you’re doing, and remove your boots to sort that nuisance out. The solution? A pair of our easy-fit, weather-tight Kaiwaka Gaiters. Made to slip simply and securely over your footwear, they form an insulating, protective barrier to keep foreign objects out, and warmth and comfort in. Perfect for rugged terrain, or in wet, muddy conditions. And far easier to clean at the end of the day than dirty, sodden socks and boots! Make no mistake, these are no ordinary gaiters. Like all our wet weather gear, they’re are built for action and custom-crafted to the highest specifications:

Hard-wearing, waterproof ripstop fabric - made tough, made to last.

Sturdy elastic that forms a seal around the ankle, keeping foreign objects out, and comfort in.

Heavy-duty domes to double the hold when you’re striding about.

Easy-seal Velcro up the front, for an added strip of protection.

A handy bootlace hook to keep the gaiter ‘grounded’, stop it from sliding up your leg and maintain a good seal over the boot.