Stormforce Lady of the Lady Bib Overtrousers | Kaiwaka Clothing
Stormforce Lady of the Lady Bib Overtrousers | Kaiwaka Clothing
Stormforce Lady of the Lady Bib Overtrousers | Kaiwaka Clothing

Stormforce Lady of the Lady Bib Overtrousers

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Stormforce Lady of the Land Bib Overtrousers

Whether you’re a lady of the land in the far north or a woman of the wilderness in deepest Southland, there will be days when being outside is like swimming lengths in a pool. Really, really wet. So to complement your Stormforce Lady of the Land jacket or parka, we highly recommend these super-advanced waterproof pants.

Customer reviews tell us these women’s waterproof trousers are ticking all the boxes. 100% waterproof, no matter what. Tick. Super-comfortable to wear, because they can’t fall down. Tick. Made from fabric that breathes, so you don’t get all drippy on the inside. Tick. Kind of cute to look at. Tick.

Women’s bib overtrousers with Twin-Skin technology

Like all our Stormforce gear, our women’s waterproof bib overalls feature Twin-Skin technology.  This means an outer layer of 100% waterproof ripstop fabric with sealed seams and an inner liner of breathable waterproof material with welded seams. We seal and weld our seams, because it’s the only way to keep H2O out.

Another feature you’ll like is the ankle dome. It allows you to secure the leg holes around your boots, so that puddles don’t splash up and get you.

But wait, there’s more! Our farmer overtrousers for women are super-detailed

To design women’s overtrousers with a bib that leave ordinary overtrou for dead, Kaiwaka’s designers spent time on the farm. They discovered that water doesn’t just come down; it arrives horizontally and it splashes up. They learned that badly-designed pants get stuck under your heel inside gumboots, which is super-annoying. And they found out that under-sized pockets are worse than falling milk prices.

Taking all this on board, our design team threw everything at these waterproof bib overalls for women: a giant internal pocket in the bib, two roomy lined hip pockets, a cut-away rear trouser hem to prevent the boot problem, an elasticated waist and a super-comfortable reinforced crutch. In other words, everything you’ve ever wanted in a pair of waterproof bib overalls. Send those old oilskin trousers packing; you’ve found something much better.

An unbeatable list of waterproof trouser features:

  • Unique Twin-Skin technology for 100% waterproofing
  • Outer layer of ripstop fabric for durability and long life
  • Inner lining layer that’s waterproof and breathable
  • All seams are either high frequency welded or sealed
  • Elasticated adjustable braces
  • Elastic across the back of the waist for a better fit
  • Large internal waterproof chest pocket with Velcro closure
  • Two lined hip pockets
  • Pockets reinforced in each corner for extra strength
  • Insert sewn into the crutch for maximum movement and extra reinforcement
  • Domed at ankles for secure closure over gum boots
  • Cut away heel prevents trouser leg from getting caught under the heel of your boots

All Stormforce products sold in New Zealand & Australia are made in New Zealand ( Excluded vests)