About Us

We know what it means to work outdoors.

This country wasn’t built by men in suits. It was built by the hard work, grit and determination of those who braved the elements - day in day out, season after season, year after year. The farmers, the fishermen, the builders, and infrastructure workers. The people who were, and still are, the ‘salt’ of our land.

At Kaiwaka Clothing, we’re part of this. Our farming heritage dates back six generations, and we know what it means to work outdoors. 

That’s why we make our gear the way we do. With the best technology, toughest materials and smartest designs, to bring you fit-for-purpose, high performance rain jackets and waterproof pants that last, and last, and last. We say no to waste and consumerism, and yes to quality, strength and endurance. Buy once, buy right. Buy Kaiwaka. You have our word.  

Where you will find us: in the small town of Kaiwaka, rural New Zealand, where we’ve been making big advances in outdoor workwear since 1975. 

We started out with simple raincoats and farming clothes, and now our range has grown to include 100+ lines of ‘best in field’ gear. From hunting and fishing clothing through to hi vis vests and all types of wet weather gear, we’ve got you covered.  Endurance is not just a feature of our product, it’s the cornerstone of our brand. If it carries the Kaiwaka name, you can be sure it’s proudly made to the highest specifications. Built to work, made to last.


I’ll just say it here. Hands down best outdoor winter clothing brand ever!!!

Fletcher Nicol

Excellent gear lasts well. Fits nicely.Stitching lasts really well.Usually my wet weather gear has the material fail before the stitching or clips.Great repair service too.

Mark Rolston

Hi guys, I think of you a number of times each day as I gear up to go out and attend to our cattle. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of your wet weather gear and only wish I had invested sooner. This is the first winter I have been actually enjoying having to go out in the wet and I will continue to do so. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work...

Colleen Hunter

Hey guys, I recently brought a set of men’s trouser leggings and I am absolutely loving them they keep me dry bashing through the crop but I don’t get to hot. Top notch👌🏻

Alex Clark