Optimum balance between waterproofness, wind resistance, durability and comfort.


Waterproof, flexible, lightweight and very comfortable for our smaller farm workers.


Designed to embrace the elements 

Mens Range


Designed to fit you. 

Womens Range

Our Favourites

Don't take our word for it

Finally found something that works and lasts. No complaints from the guys which is unheard of!

Roading contractorSouth Island, NZ

I think of you a number of times each day as I gear up to go out and attend to our cattle. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of your wet weather gear and only wish I had invested sooner. This is the first winter I have been actually enjoying having to go out in the wet and I will continue to do so. Thanks so much!

Colleen HunterRockview Red Devons, NZ

I recently bought a set of men’s trouser leggings and an absolutely loving them keeps me dry bashing through the crop but I don’t get to hot. Top notch 👌🏻

Alex ClarkStormforce