“My Double Front Aquaseal Parka arrived this morning, many thanks for another great product from your company, it will go along side the other products I've purchased from you whether it be in the farming or fishing sectors, which I've been involved in both at some stage of my working life. Keep up the tip top quality. Satisfied as usual.”

“Finally found something that works and lasts. No complaints from the guys which is unheard of!”
Roading contractor, South Island NZ

“The best gear I've ever worn, ever.”
John Tweed, South Otago Farmer

“I've been using a pair of these for a week and they are fantastic! I work in a filthy and wet environment. I use high pressure hot water to wash down and clean up my area of responsibility as well as a water blaster with hot water. I can get covered with blow back and overspray of food particles and another part of the role is to deal with processed fat residue in 200-500kg quantities which slop and splash unpredictably. This one bit of kit has made the job really easy as I stay dry (and warm) as I start at 4am so get to work in extremes of temperatures as well. Thank you for developing such a great product”
David Harvey, wearing 103THD Tufflon Bib Overtrousers

“The new fabric in the Stormforce Blue range of wet weather gear is just awesome, they are ultra breathable, super comfortable and hard wearing for day to day fishing. Loving it!”
Tony Orton, Offshore Adventures

“Hi Guys, I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with my Kaiwaka fleece set, I've been living in it since the field days. I also think it's so great that it's a NZ company and Dad saying you have such great customer care after buying from you, I am definitely converted to Kaiwaka :) Thanks heaps, I know mums loving her new rain jacket too, but I'm literally wearing my fleece jumper and singlet every day now. Cheers!”

“We've been using Kaiwaka Clothing for 4 years now firstly starting with milk sleeves [sleeve protectors] back in spring 2013. We were extremely impressed with the performance, so we decided to try the bib and brace in the following year of 2014. The quality of these products is brilliant, we're using our bib and braces [bib overtrousers] every day and don't get cold in winter but neither too hot in summer. We used other clothing manufacturers, but they always started to fray and rip easily within a couple of months. In the Kaiwaka clothing we can lift calves, fence and foot trim because of their extremely good durability and they are so versatile. In 2015 we decided to kit out all of our team in Kaiwaka bib and braces clothing, knowing it would cost more but the quality of the product is exceptional. We think very highly of our workforce so wearing good clothing is important to us. There's nothing worse than being cold and wet due to poor quality waterproofs. I've had mine for 3 years and there's no sign of fatigue. I reckon that speaks for itself.”
Joe Goodwin, Coole Hall Farm, UK, wearing Stormforce

“I can't recommend the KAIWAKA clothing highly enough. We had a seriously wet winter in 2015/16 and no matter how wet it got outside, I was still warm and dry on the inside, It's the only waterproof clothing I have come across that can take harsh abuse from barbed wire, thorn hedges and severe weather and still keep you dry. There's no point having the tools to work in all conditions, if the weather stops you working but with KAIWAKA clothing, I can push on and finish the job.”
John from Morgan Fencing, UK, wearing Stormforce

“We've trialled the AQUAFORCE for 18 months and it's comfortable and robust. We haven't ripped any gear and our pants are in solid condition. We climb on and off tractors and the boats, and some gear gets ripped easily. But this gear has lasted. I've had the bibs for 18 months.”
Richard Kibblewhite, Splashzone NZ

“I just wanted to reach out and say thanks. Choosing a New Zealand made jacket was a no brainer for me because I don't like compromising on quality. Recently I spent 28 days in a forest park in Southern Utah. We had no rain wear so it definitely came into its own in thunder storms!”
Toby Yorke, NZ customer

“Being a larger man, I find it very hard to find clothing that fits. The good people at Kaiwaka Clothing were very happy to oblige in making a custom size vest that would fit. On receiving the item in a short period of time, I am over the moon with the fit which is perfect, the pricing and the exceptional service. Thank you Team Kaiwaka!”
Wayne Cannon, NZ customer

“Kaiwaka Clothing has provided exceptional customer service, co-ordinating repairs of my Sealtex coat and leggings after I tore them fencing. Working in rain and gale winds, I have always found the Sealtex fabric 100% waterproof and the garment design comfortable, enabling me to work without tearing my pants bending over... June 2013 I bought a Kaiwaka PVC coat for hunting & tramping which has again provided 100% waterproof protection. The first trip out, I ended up tramping twelve hours through gale winter southerlies and sleety rain in the southern Kaimanawas. After an exhausting day having a dry core was crucial to my wellbeing......after 20 years hunting around the country, I wouldn't use anything else.”
Satisfied customer, thank you. Sam

“I am absolutely in love with my gear and it comes to work with me, gets used when I'm soil testing, checking sheep, riding horses and basically everything. I have had heaps of comments & good interest. Thanks so much for organising the alterations so quickly. That is a big advantage and selling point! “
Alice Morley, AU customer

“The Kaiwaka Stormforce range of wet weather protective clothing are quality, durable and fit for purpose garments that live up to their reputation of a leader in their field. Customers that purchase Stormforce do so knowing that they have purchased a product that is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable, along with a 'no split seam' guarantee. After care service is excellent with a free replacement on faulty zips and repair service for the rips & tears.”
Benjamin Green, happy customer

“Last year I bought Stormforce jacket & pants when on my annual ski trip to NZ. Without doubt it's the best wet weather gear I have invested in!! “
Andrew, Tasmania

“I have a Stormforce jacket which is going into its 5th winter and still going strong! From shoulder high kale crops, drenching, cattle work, snow sleet and -12-degree days it hasn't faulted and still going strong, I am replacing my leggings as they have been punished they did four winters. Congrats on great gear! “
Matthew Lawrence, NZ farmer

“Just a note to say thank you so much for the repair on my son Sam Wade's jacket that we sent in last week and received back yesterday. Couldn't believe how quick you were, so thanks again.”
Alison Williams, a happy NZ customer

“You know sometimes when you get a customer service representative that doesn’t really care? They’re not present on the phone with you, they don’t listen, you almost feel like a burden for asking questions? Well... Kaiwaka Clothing were the absolute opposite of that. They were friendly and helpful - a delight to deal with. They knew exactly what I wanted and have been so lovely from the get go, nothing was a problem. You can tell that Kaiwaka Clothing respects their customers and employees alike with much respect. Our OS60 Oilskin vests arrived in record time and I just know our crew will be warm and dry this coming winter when they’re building giant scaffolds! We will definitely recommend you to other companies and contractors who need tough, long-lasting gear and world class customer service. Thank you very much. “
Sian, SW Scaffolding Limited

“I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to deal with such an efficient company in all areas. I ordered 2 vests that needed to be shipped to Australia that same day & the package arrived 2 days later. Unfortunately I chose the wrong sizing & had to re-order again thinking that there is no way I would receive them in time, one phone call & they were shipped that morning & arrived 2 days later, return was collected & ran smoothly. I can’t thank you enough for your fantastic customer service.”
Kellie Website customer, Australia

“In January this year I brought a Stormforce parka and Dairytex overtrousers for my husband who travelled from Katikati in the Bay of Plenty to Ashburton in the South Island on a 1964 vintage tractor and I’m pleased to say that in all the rain the wet weather gear kept him nice and dry. So many thanks for a superb product.”
Christine Katikati

“I have been dairy farming for 8 years and this Kaiwaka Jacket is pure quality. It's super robust!!! And very comfortable. The Warranty it carries is unbeatable...for this I thank you. Best jacket I have ever owned.”
Thomas Farmer, Te Awamutu

“I sent my husbands bib overalls up for repair, expecting to pay for the repair. You not only didn’t charge me, but they were repaired promptly. We were in town collecting goods for the farm yesterday and it was pouring down, Andrew was saying wouldn’t it be nice if my Kaiwaka bib overalls were in the box when we get home, if not guess I am getting wet with my other really old leaky ones. How amazing. We collected the mail from the box and here they were. With it pouring down he climbed into his gear and headed out, and stayed dry. We love your gear and buy it every time. With the Dairy pay-out we couldn’t afford new gear so we are so grateful for the wonderful repair of these ones. “

“Thanks for the Jackets that were sent. So far they are absolutely brilliant. When we met the first time in Cambridge I said to you "I can wear my jacket to the Rugby". Well as it happens am heading to Europe next month to the Rugby World Cup. So I thought I might take some Kaiwaka gear with me. Thought I might even wear my HI VIZ short sleeve. Trust all is well with your Team. And again many thanks for the effort Kaiwaka has put in.”
Shane Lester

“I've been dairy farming for 8 years and this Kaiwaka jacket is pure quality, it's super robust! And very comfortable, and the warranty it carries is unbeatable. For this I thank you. Best jacket I've owned.”
Thomas Taylor

“Thank you very much for the patch and the new zipper. I was surprised how much i was used to it and running around without it for a week was quite a strange feeling. Now everything is fine again.”

“I wore the Stormforce overalls for an entire season in New Zealand and when I returned home to the farm in California, I searched for WorkGear with similar quality. There was simply no comparison here in America. The overalls are definitely the toughest and most durable set of workwear that I have ever worn and work great on all areas of the farm. I use them in the milking shed everyday, not only keeping me dry but giving me great flexibility and movement, whilst protecting me from any harmful chemicals. Even though the fabric is thick, you don't overheat in them. Overall, it's a solid weather-proof product which I would recommend on any farm.”
Jim Moreda Mountain View Jerseys Sonoma Country, California

“I sent my husband's bib overalls up for repair, expecting to pay for the repair. You not only didn't charge me, but they were repaired promptly. We were in town collecting goods for the farm yesterday and it was pouring down, Andrew was saying wouldn’t it be nice if my Kaiwaka bib overalls were in the box when we get home, if not guess I am getting wet with my other really old leaky ones. How amazing. We collected the mail from the box and here they were. With it pouring down he climbed into his gear and headed out and stayed dry. We love your gear and buy it every time. With the Dairy payout we couldn’t afford new gear, so we are so grateful for the wonderful repair of these ones.”
Andrew & Lynn Orr

"I would just like to thank you guys for getting my Trekz pack sorted so quick . Only sent it earlier this week and it turned up this morning so pretty stoked considering the weather. I will send old Stormforce to be fixed soon. Some prick stole all my new gear so have to use older stuff. Thanks again for your service will definitely be praising your name.”
Matt Magill

“Thank you for patching up our rain coats and putting new zips in. Our whole family have Kaiwaka Clothing rain coats and leggings.”
Samuel Orchard